Valedictory Speech

Valedictory Speech Daphne Good evening parents, teachers and students. Today I would like to talk to you about my journey here at Moonee Ponds Primary School. After seven long years it is very emotional and exciting to be here. We have all experienced the feeling of being new at a school because we got through […]

School Trouble

  School Trouble It is a sunny, beautiful day, so I decide to go to Nicole’s house. As I knocked on her door I heard a scream. I knew who it was, it was Nicole. I ran and ran to the back of the house on the farm. I could already see Nicole getting pushed […]

100 WC

Today was a normal day except that my head really ached. We were at home doing a bunch of homework. I had to catch up on some work that I missed out on. So the whole day my brother and I were stuck inside the whole day. We couldn’t move out of our seats unless […]


Behind The News Boxing Ban 3 recalls . The Australian medical association wants all combat sports banned for people under eighteen.                                         . Once you get hit in the head your brain can blead which can bring you to a disability or death. . They want boxing, judo, karate and wrestling banned. 2 Understandings . I […]


Behind The News compulsory swimming 3 recalls . The royal lifesaving society says many Aussie kids are ending up in life threatening problems. . The say that primary school kids should at least know how to swim fifty metres. . They should also know how to tread water for at least two minutes. 2 Understandings […]

100 wc

It was a Saturday morning and we were loaded the car with bags and more. I was so excited because my family and I were going to Phillip Island. The bit I was excited about was that I could go surfing. So as we were half way through our trip, we suddenly stopped because there […]

100 wc

It was a big day for me today because I love animals and today was the animal race that I created myself. After lunch the race was about to start the animals were in biggest to smallest order. The smallest animal was an ant. Boom the race started and guess which animal won the race. […]

RED 100 wc

As I stood in the crowd I waved my hands side to side.I whispered to myself ” this is my opportunity to have a great time because I have been waiting for this concert for ages”. As soon as the sign RED came on the scream everyone one started to scream, as Taylor Swift rose […]

100 wc

As soon as I moved my queen I screamed out ‘checkmate’. As soon as that word came out of my mouth my sister fell into tires. A few minutes later she just wouldn’t stop crying, so I played again with her and I played really bad so she could beat me and she did. She […]

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